list of  Workshop SilkGIS conference 2017:


Workshop Title

Institute / University


1 Application of Multi Source Geo Information on Arid Land Research Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Ailixier Kuerban

2 Technical workshop on how to publish in Remote Sensing of Environment University of Alcalá (Spain)

Prof. Emilio Chuvieco Salinero

3 From Hydrology to Eco-hydrology: Development of Evapotranspiration Theory over Two Centuries Key Lab of Ecosystem Network Observation and Modeling, Institute of Geographic
       Sciences and Natural Resources Research
Prof. Yi Luo
4 Mountain Remote Sensing in China: Progresses, Challenges and Opportunities Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment Prof. Ainong Li
5 Use of Geo-spatial Information Technology for Analyzing Terrestrial Water Cycle in Arid Zone of Central Asia Hong Kong Baptist University Prof. Qiming Zhou


Applications of GIS to landscape genetic

Isfahan University of Technology

Dr. Mansooreh Malekian and  Dr. Rasoul Khosravi


Application of Bayesian Belief Networks to develop decision support tools for natural resources management

Isfahan University of Technology

Dr. Hossein Bashari


Species distribution modelling

­Isfahan University of Technology

Dr. Mostafa Tarkesh Esfahani


GPS Usage for Field Survey

Isfahan University of Technology

Dr. Sayed Hamid Matinkhah


Land use / cover modelling (LSM and SAMARKO)

Yazd University

Dr. Syed Zeinolabedin Hosseini


Detecting traffic pollution with hyperspectral data

Shahrekord University

Dr. Mojgan Abbasi


Automatic road extraction using satellite images

Shahrekord University

Dr. Reza Reyahi

13 Remote Sensing Physic using the spectrometer Iranian Space Agency Mis.Parisa Haghighatmehr

Design and generation digital Areonautical Charts by GIS

National Geographical Organization of Iran

Mr. Ilya Lali Niyat
15   Web gis and mobile gis National Geographical Organization of Iran Mr. Ilya Lali Niyat
16 Data sharing & integration for disaster management based on NSDI

National Cartographic Center of Iran

Dr. Mehrdad Jafari Salim